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Financial Planning

We want the world to know that we do things differently than many financial services firms. We are proud of those differences, that we feel, provide a significant long-term advantage to our clients. So what’s different at New Perspectives, you ask?

That difference is in the focus on planning your financial future and using a detailed financial analysis before any product is even discussed. How can we know what you need before we understand your big picture? 

That difference is in our understanding of what’s truly important to you and putting the solutions in place to help you achieve those goals while educating you on what you have and how those tools will achieve your goals. If you have great financial tools in place, we’ll use them; if different tools would better achieve your goals, we’ll explore those options. 

That difference is in helping you understand and maintain your focus on your goals (typically long-term goals) in a world that often focuses on the short term. Studies show that a typical investor underperforms. We believe that is mainly due to emotions and the lack of conviction in sticking to a plan. We will be there to help you navigate our always uncertain world with continued guidance and focus.

Here’s how we work and what you can expect.